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Monday, February 14, 2011

How He Loves Us.

Love. It's been the pivitol emotion of the human being since the beginning of time. People have been proud, have been sorrowful, have hoped, have hated, but love has been stronger than any emotion ever conceived. There have been thousands of songs written about one thing:love. These songs might varry from the "I want your body" love, to the true appreciation of love that other bands like Plain White T's produce (Yes, I just did free advertising.)
And what about the movies that have been produced about love? Think about all the chic flicks there are out there. Personally, my favorite movie, the Princess Bride, is about how love transcends through death. Buttercup's fiance, Wesley, had been captured by a pirate ship and word had spread that he was dead. Five years passed and Buttercup was betrothed to the evil Prince. But enter Wesley once again in the picture. When Wesley questioned Buttercup why she didn't wait for him, she told him that he was dead. But he proved to her that true love transcends through death.
What love does that remind you of? The sex-saturated world full of people who have rejection issues might have heard of this love, but they just don't have the strength to believe it. It's JESUSSSS!!! (enter fireworks)
"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." -John 15:5. I beg to differ. Jesus had the greatest love of all, because he died for people who would reject him, and than rose again because his love is stronger than death.
The thing with this love is that all of us know that we "love" things, when we really just like it. We "love" America, when every single one of us complain about living in this country. We "love" the world, when in reality, we have only seen maybe 2% of it. Have you ever felt a love that wanted to rip your heart out? Maybe someone that you have loved was being really stupid, and you were not angry, you were sad for them and you just wanted to help them get back on the right track. Jesus did that exact thing for all of us. You guys know the story in the bible that talks about how a shepard will leave the 99 to search out the one that is lost? Jesus did that for you. He LOVES you. He doesn't just like you. He LOVES you. And he wants you back.

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